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Marketing Illusions

Look at these two images* and see if you can tell reality from illusion.
Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backwards and forwards.
Do the horizontal lines appear parallel or do they slope in different directions?
*Optical illusions widely available on the Web.
In reality, people must deal with illusions on a daily basis. Some marketers have the illusion that if they create a message, send it out electronically or in print, it will automatically reach the targeted recipient who will in turn be so impressed by the offer they will make the decision to purchase. 


In reality, your potential customer is bombarded with hundreds of message each day -- TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, telephone, email, magazines, banners, even on the sides of buses. Marketing in today's tough economy is arduous. More than ever you need to know: 

  • Am I being heard? 
  • How do I get heard? 
  • What do people want to hear? 

Getting yourself noticed is not easy.  You get one chance -- a ten-second window to reach a person. You better make sure you get it right.

How do you do that?  

The process of prospecting, targeting and owning profitable customers involves identifying the characteristics that make for a likely prospect.

  • Determine the needs, wants and goals of your customers (market research)
  • Identify your overall value to your customers and how you can satisfy their needs (marketing mix)
  • Communicate your competitive advantage (market strategy) 
  • Pinpoint specific markets that can benefit from your product or service (target-marketing)
  • Analyze how well you have served your customers.

Sounds like a complex process and a lot of work!  Accelerated Marketing can help you work through the process to turn your marketing challenge into opportunity. We listen to you and customize our services to meet your requirements.

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